3 Ways to find out if it has started snowing in New Zealand

Use these 3 methods to quickly find out whether it has started snowing in New Zealand and how much snow is currently on the mountains and ski fields.

Are you curious to know whether it has started snowing yet in Queenstown or anywhere else in New Zealand?

Or whether the mountains around Lake Tekapo are currently snow capped or snow covered?

If you’re anything like me, looking forward to seeing snow fall in New Zealand and on the South Island of New Zealand in particular, you can use one of three methods to find out whether it has already started snowing in New Zealand.

By the way, the following methods can be used any time of the year and need not be restricted to winter in New Zealand.

However, snow generally starts to fall in New Zealand late May or early June, although you can already start to see dustings of snow on mountains in April.

1. Visit New Zealand ski fields’ websites

You can visit websites of New Zealand ski fields to find out if it has already started snowing in New Zealand.

Some of them list the amount of fresh snow that has fallen on the mountain where their ski field is located.

Just go to the New Zealand ski fields page and click on one of the links that will take you to the website of a particular ski field.

2. Check mountain weather and snow forecasts

You can visit the Mountains & Parks section of metservice.com for weather forecasts for New Zealand ski fields and mountains. You can access the page via the main menu on the home page.


After you click on the menu in the top left corner, select Mountains & Parks, and then you can click on either National Parks or Ski Fields.

After clicking on Ski Fields, you can click on the name of a ski field to visit the information page for that particular ski field.

There you can see whether the ski field is open or closed, whether the road to get to it is open or closed, how much snow has fallen, and get the weather forecast for that ski field.

Sometimes you’ll also find information on whether snow is expected to fall and above which elevation snow is expected to fall.

The Mountains & Parks section on Metservice is definitely worth checking out!

3. Look at recent images from mountain and snow webcams

There are a few good New Zealand tourism and research websites that allow you to see the amount of snow that is currently on ski fields and mountains by providing images from webcams that have been installed on a few key locations.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best snow webcams for New Zealand and in particular those that display images from areas where mountains and ski fields are located.

The MetService website mentioned earlier also displays images of webcams if they are available for ski fields.

North Island mountain and snow webcams:

South Island mountain and snow webcams:

Final words on how to find out if it has started snowing

So there you have it… There is no need to guess whether snow has fallen or is falling on the North Island or the South Island of New Zealand, because you can access the most up to date information online whether you are inside or outside New Zealand.


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