God Beams Above Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, New Zealand

Lake Wanaka is the fifth largest lake in New Zealand covering a surface of 180 square km and having a maximum depth of 311 m. Like many lakes in New Zealand, it is a glacial lake.

Lake Wanaka is located on the South Island of New Zealand in the Southern Lakes district, north of the Wanaka township and not too far from Queenstown.

You can get a birdseye view of Lake Wanaka if you go up the Mount Roy track in Wanaka.

Mount Roy

Lake Wanaka is beautiful in any season. In autumn its shore is dotted by yellow autumn trees, while during winter in New Zealand the trees are bare but the surrounding mountains are snow-capped.

The weather in autumn is a bit more unpredictable, but can still produce opportunities for beautiful nature pictures of New Zealand. Wanaka is one of my favorite destinations for both nature photography and hiking in the great New Zealand outdoors.

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Lake Wanaka

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