Matukituki River Near Wanaka In Autumn

What and where is the Matukituki?

The Matukituki is a river that runs in the Matukituki Valley from Mount Aspiring National Park to Lake Wanaka near West Wanaka Station on the South Island of New Zealand.

The Matukituki River flows for approximately 30 km (19 mi) until it reaches Lake Wanaka.

The Matukituki River is one of two rivers feeding Lake Wanaka. The other one is the Makarora River.

How To Get To The Matukituki River

The Matukituki River empties into Lake Wanaka just east of the West Wanaka bridge, so you can get to the river by driving on West Wanaka Road or alongside the Wanaka – Mount Aspiring Road, which follows the Matukituki River all the way to Mount Aspiring National Park.

To get to West Wanaka Road, from Wanaka township, drive in western direction on the Wanaka – Mount Aspiring Road toward Glendhu Bay.

After passing Glendhu Bay, it should take you just a couple of minutes to reach the junction with West Wanaka Road on your right.

The Wanaka – Mt. Aspiring Road starts running alongside the Matukituki River 6 km (4 mi) after you’ve passed the junction with the road going to Treble Cone ski field when coming from Wanaka and driving toward Mt. Aspiring Station.

You can see the Matukituki River and the Matukituki Valley if you do the Mount Roy walk and reach its top or at least high enough to be able to see Mount Aspiring from Mount Roy.

Why Visit The Matukituki River?

There aren’t many reasons to visit the Matukituki River other than to relax and listen to the soothing sounds of its flowing water or as a brief stop on your way to or from Mount Aspiring National Park.

And visiting the river in autumn makes it special for the yellow trees that line its banks.

Beware that just like in summer, in autumn you’ll have the company of sandflies, which tend to bite and sting fiercely.

I generally come back with multiple bumps that swell up days after the incident has taken place.

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