New Zealand March weather update

Written on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 by NZTravelInsider

Learn what the weather is currently like in New Zealand in March 2010 if you’re planning a trip to either the North or the South Island.

The weather in March in New Zealand generally looks much like the weather in February, but for one reason or another, the days feel and look much like winter to me.

Perhaps it’s because the sun is much lower than it was in February and is going down much earlier. These days it gets dark around 7:50 p.m..

We’ve already had our first storm here in Wellington just last week on Friday; it actually ruined my entire plan to go out for a run along the waterfront. Winds were blowing insanely hard, trees fell down, roofs were blown off houses, boats were thrown over in the harbor, etc.

When I sat at work in one of the tall buildings in Wellington CBD and saw the dark clouds approaching, I did not think much of it, until I reached home and saw the devastating consequences the storm had had on Wellington on the 6 o’clock news.

If you’re looking to visit New Zealand in March, this has been the weather up until now…

We’ve had sunny days, much like in February. On some days parts of the South Island are still hitting very high temperatures, although the average temperature for the entire country is currently between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius (64 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

The polar blasts are starting to hit the South Island, meaning that on some days the temperatures will drop and feel as though it is winter.

Days of rain are alternating with days of sun, although the sunny days are prevailing at the moment.

All in all, I like this variety in the weather, and enjoy the occasional feeling of winter with a low sun, clear crisp blue skies, and a cool breeze.

March is not the very best time to visit New Zealand, but it is more quiet than the summer months, and the weather is still good to be outdoors. Just remember to bring warm clothing for those few chilly days and nights, especially if you’re heading to the South Island.

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