New Zealand summer weather wrap-up

Written on Sunday, 20 February 2011 by NZTravelInsider

Get a summary of what the weather was like during summer in New Zealand in 2010-2011.

I never thought I would be saying this, but it is definitely hot in Wellington right now.

Wellington tends to be one of the mildest places to live in New Zealand. It is never too cold in winter or too hot in summer. This summer however has been an entirely different story.

As summer winds down making place for autumn in New Zealand, I must say that it has been one terrific summer.

Summer started back in New Zealand in December with warm and dry weather. Then New Zealand had a week or so of very heavy rain with parts of the country being flooded. But compared to previous seasons, it was still very little rain that fell. And then February brought back the good and mostly warm and dry weather.

Temperatures have been mostly above 20 degrees in general with a few spots hitting highs of over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). If that does not convince you that New Zealand can be seen as one of the best warm vacation spots when it is winter on the Northern hemisphere, then nothing will. ;)

According to MetService, the UV level is currently very high (one notch under the max) and it is advisable to seek shade between the hours of 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

Where Wellington is concerned, the temperature is currently 22 degrees Celsius, although it feels much warmer to me. Sun, sun, sun, very little wind, and lots of noise from crickets in the bush. I’m enjoying it!

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