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Read a review about how I experienced my stay at Roma on Riccarton motel near Hagley Park in Christchurch and whether I would stay there again if I wanted to stay somewhere near Christchurch city center on the South Island of New Zealand.

I spent two nights in Christchurch back in October when I was on spring flower hunt in New Zealand.

I must admit that I do not often stay in Christchurch mainly because I find that the city is too big and too busy, and because staying in Christchurch tends to be on the expensive side.

But because I wanted to visit Hagley Park and reckoned I would have difficulty driving to it, let alone finding a spot to park my rental car, I decided to stay in a motel near Hagley Park. By the way, there are several car parking lots in Hagley Park and there is a good chance of finding a spot to park your car.


As you may know, a huge earthquake took place near Christchurch a couple of months ago. And till the day of today Christchurch is feeling the aftershocks of it.

So before I ventured off to Christchurch, I emailed a list of motels near Hagley Park to ask whether they were open for business. Not all of the motel owners I emailed took the time to respond; you can see which motels responded by looking at the motel list in the Christchurch motels open for business article I wrote.

Roma on Riccarton made the final cut for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is a 4-star plus Qualmark rated motel not too far from Hagley Park. You can walk to Hagley Park within 5 minutes from the motel. While you’d still have to add another 10-15 minutes to get to the better parts of Hagley Park, the walk is very doable.
  2. The response I got from Roma on Riccarton was fantastic! They not only responded quickly to my email asking them whether they were open for business, but they gave me additional information on the situation after the earthquake in Christchurch and in Riccarton. This is not to say that the other motel owners were slow to respond. Most of them responded within either a couple or hours of me sending out the email or a day or two thereafter.
Hagley Park

Roma on Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

So it wasn’t that difficult for me to make a choice, despite having a long list of motels to choose from.

I stayed in room number 6 of Roma on Riccarton, which is a corner room and a room that is located the furthest away from the street (Riccarton Road).

While it is a downstairs room, the people who stayed above me did not make much noise.

The room was very nicely decorated and well-presented. It had lots of modern amenities such as a flat-screen television with several channels to choose from. And I was able to park my car right in front of the door.

What I liked most about Roma on Riccarton, and perhaps this room was that because the room was set back well from the road, I did not get much traffic noise.

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If you are not familiar with Riccarton Road, I can assure you that it is a pretty – well… extremely – busy road, especially between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. when everybody is trying to get home.

Another good thing about the room at Roma on Riccarton is that as soon as I closed the door and windows, the street noise was almost completely gone. Needless to say, it was not difficult for me to have a good night’s rest in this motel room.

I enjoyed my stay at Roma on Riccarton and would recommend it to you if you want to go there to stay, but please remember that my experience might differ from yours.

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