Scenic views from Queenstown Hill with snow

See a video of scenic snow-capped mountains around Queenstown including the Remarkables and Cecil Peak from a lookout over Lake Wakatipu.

Where is Queenstown Hill?

Queenstown Hill is a 907 meters high hill near Queenstown city center on the South Island of New Zealand.

You can get to its top by doing the Queenstown Hill Time Walk, which is a relatively short (2 – 3 hours return) but tough walk up Queenstown Hill.

The walk starts on Belfast Terrace. The easiest way to get to the start of the Queenstown Hill Time Walk is by car, but you could also walk to it from Queenstown city center.

So if you are flying into Queenstown airport and will not be renting a car, you could catch a bus to Queentown city center, and then from Queenstown city center, walk up to Belfast Terrace.

Please keep in mind that this will add to the amount of time and effort it will take to walk up Queenstown Hill.

Why visit Queenstown Hill?

Queenstown Hill is a local favorite and a favorite of mine. I’ve walked up Queenstown Hill countless times to get a good workout that offers spectacular lake and mountain views as a reward.

The view from Queenstown Hill in winter, South Island, New Zealand

The view from one of 5 scenic lookouts in Queenstown

Queenstown Hill not only provides fantastic views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountains around Lake Wakatipu (Cecil Peak, Walter Peak, the Remarkables, etc.), but it also overlooks Kelvin Heights peninsula and Queenstown Airport.

Queenstown Hill is a good alternative for those who do not want to or cannot walk up a mountain like Ben Lomond, which provides the ultimate in scenic views around Queenstown.

When is the best time to visit Queenstown Hill?

You can visit Queenstown Hill in any season. But please keep in mind that there can be snow on the hill in winter, because you can expect snow to fall in Queenstown during the winter months, despite it not often reaching the ground.

While winter does not guarantee snowfall, it is the best time to visit New Zealand for snow.

Winter time would be ideal for snowshoeing on Queenstown Hill after a day or two of heavy snowfall in Queenstown.

Snow does not generally fall in summer in New Zealand. However, there can be an occasional dusting of snow in early spring or late autumn.

So Queenstown Hill can have snow on it during winter. And if it has snow, you can expect the mountains surrounding Lake Wakatipu to also have snow on them, and provide you with scenic snow-capped mountain views.

[Photo: The Remarkables as seen from Queenstown Hill with snow in winter (49 KB)]

Video of the scenic view from Queenstown Hill with snow

This 1-minute video was shot in June during winter in New Zealand, approximately four days after heavy snowfall.


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