Spring Is On Its Way In New Zealand

Read about the latest observations in weather and on location as New Zealand ends its winter season and starts its spring season.

A couple of weeks ago I started sneezing. Excessive sneezing and runny eyes generally tell me that spring is on its way.

The past week, temperatures have gone up considerably; so much so that people here in Wellington have started wearing T-shirts and skimpy clothes again.

Spring Blossoms Central Otago

Don’t let such clothing fool you, though. People here in New Zealand in general tend to do like it is summer when it is winter. But trust me on this one, it *is* getting warmer.

Two days ago I looked out the window of my apartment and saw flowers in bloom, which is definitely a sign that spring is coming. While winter is not over yet, it won’t be long more before spring arrives in its full glory.

Weather-wise, it has been raining a lot. Hopefully when spring arrives the weather systems that are currently being pushed across the Tasman Sea will die down.

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