Where To See Spring Blossoms In Central Otago New Zealand

Learn where you can go to find and see spring blossoms in Central Otago on the South Island of New Zealand.

There weren’t many spring blossoms in Arrowtown where you would usually find the autumn leaf display, but one street in particular – Devon Street ā€“ was lined with a row of beautiful light pink spring blossoms.

Other than that, many yards of people had colorful flowers and also spring blossoms on trees.

The flowers were falling off the trees, so again, two weeks or two weeks and a half earlier would have been a better time to visit Arrowtown to see spring blossoms.

While not plentiful, spring blossoms were also on display at Queenstown Gardens. In addition, there were a few flowers such as azaleas and tulips here and there in bloom.

Queenstown Gardens is a well maintained garden and there is a nice small fountain in the middle of a pond where you can sit down and relax.

After Queenstown, I decided to drive to Alexandra to photograph one of the last trees that was displaying some beautiful pink spring blossoms as you drive into Alexandra from Clyde.

These blossoms were quite unusual, since they looked like small balls of cotton. Because it was windy, the flowers were being blown off the tree, so I expected this tree to be bare soon.

I paid Wanaka a short visit and can report that Wanaka does not have many spring blossoms other than the occasional tree in bloom in people’s yards. Wanaka is best visited during autumn for fall foliage in New Zealand.

And finally, the fruit trees in Central Otago were displaying mainly pink and white blossoms. One thing to note is that the mature fruit trees – the ones that have been standing a couple of years already and that have thicker trunks and branches – produce more blossoms than the younger trees. But all in all, if you look at the fruit trees collectively, they can be pretty impressive. Iā€™m not sure I saw them at their best, though.

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